alex christie

i work on developer experience tools and processes while leading teams to build elegant, responsive, and speedy software and websites at graveflex. i mostly work across the stack, and love thinking project architecture, design systems, and component libraries. on the side i'm working on garden, which are a suite of tools for digital gardening.

you can find some of my work here.

recent projects

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nextjs / mdx


šŸŒ± a place to think about digital gardening

theme-ui / react


šŸ”® generate themes, theme objects, and theme tokens

nextjs / mdx


šŸŒæ a set of utilities for generating and creating relations between pages in nextjs using md/x

recent writing

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October 10, 2023automatic i18n linking with nextjs 13 app router

automatic internationalized links and routing using NextJS's Link component and app router

documentationnextjsi18napp routerlink
October 9, 2023i18n routing with nextjs 13 app router

implementing internationalized routing in nextjs 13 using app router

documentationnextjsi18napp router